General Sales Conditions


1 – Scope of supply

  • The scope of supply is always determined by the proposal presented by Exsepi to the Customer.


  • The Customer is fully aware of Exsepi's General Sales Conditions document.


  • Exsepi's general sales conditions will always apply and prevail over any general conditions of the Customer. Any cancellation or inapplicability can only be accepted if they have been subject to written agreement or consent.


  • In case of total or partial order’s cancellation due to majeure force reasons, all costs for materials, labor and other incidental expenses for such cancellation will be Customer’s responsability.


  • Any changes or additions to the order will only be valid after written confirmation by Exsepi expressing its acceptance.


  • Exsepi has the reserved right not to accept orders whenever it does not have the technical means or other to fully carry out the requested supply.


2 – Price

  • Prices are shown in the proposal as well as in the order confirmation and the corresponding invoices.


  • Prices shown may be net or discounted, as mentioned in the proposal, applicable taxes are at the normal rates in force.


  • Exsepi may adjust prices if delivery times are extended due to the Customer's fault, economic changes or other circumstances.


  • The prices are shown in EURO. Prices may be readjusted according to the home currency Exchange rate related to EURO between the proposal’s date and the supply’s date for imports outside the Euro zone community area. Any changes to exchange rates and/or import costs (bank fees, financial charges, etc., or price readjustments in the country of origin) will be Customer's expense.


3 – Delivery time

  • The delivery time for materials and/or services are stated in the proposal or order confirmation by Exsepi.


  • The delivery time could be extended by justified reasons or due to force majeure, and this cannot justify order’s cancelation, nor justify the end of the contracto or compensation for direct or indirect damages.


  • Exsepi will not be held responsible for non-compliance with any agreed or requested deadlines, nor will it accept penalties due to possible delays in the delivery of raw materials or transport due to the current instability of the markets.


  • The supply is considered completed as long as it is communicated to the Customer that the goods are ready to be installed or shipped.


  • The delivery times indicated are subject to confirmation.


4 – Payment conditions

  • Payment and conditions terms are agreed between both companies, and are included in the proposal or order confirmation by Exsepi.


  • Exsepi reserves the right to cancel the order, suspend the supply, or terminate the contract in case of non-payment within the period indicated on the respective invoice.


  • Failure to comply with the payment terms implies the right of Exsepi to charge interest on late payment at the rate in force in accordance with Art. 102 of the Portuguese Commercial Code.


  • Payments cannot be delayed for any reason, even in case of litigation.


5 – Orders

  • Once an order has been received for delivery of materials, provision of services, or both, Exsepi will issue an order acceptance document, committing to fulfill such orders under the agreed conditions, applying this rule in commercial transactions established with the Customer.


  • After the proposal/ order has been initialed by the Customer, it automatically serves as an order in accordance with the particular conditions established therein. Exsepi will take the necessary steps to provide the proposal/ order to the Customer after receiving the proposal/ order, which may be received by fax, letter, email or other means.


  • An order is considered to be accepted by Exsepi when communicated by a written document signed by its legal representative.


  • Any change that the Customer wants to make to an order that has already been formally accepted must be communicated in writing, and Exsepi reserves the right to accept it and modify the conditions initially contracted, namely its price and delivery time.


  • If there is no acceptance of the order issued by Exsepi, it will not be held responsible for any delay or failure in its processing.


6 – Warranty

  • Exsepi guarantees the equipment for a maximum period of 12 months, or other, whenever mentioned in the proposal. The warranty starts from the delivery date, and a repair or replacement does not extend the warranty period.


  • Damages caused by equipment misuse, material wear, lack of vigilance or periodic maintenance are excluded from any warranty.


  • All equipment supplied that has not been manufactured by Exsepi is guaranteed by its original supplier.


  • The warranty does not apply to repairs carried out by the Customer and imputed to Exsepi being formally excluded without their prior knowledge and acceptance.


  • The Customer is responsible for any damages that, by him or by third parties, may be caused in the equipment purchased.


7 – Complaints

  • Complaints about the supplied goods can only be considered when duly substantiated and communicated in writing within a maximum period of 15 days from the delivery date.


  • The equipment will be considered delivered in good condition if there are no indications of anomalies in the transporter delivery order.


8 – After sales service and technical assistance

  • Exsepi will provide all support and technical assistance whenever requested.


  • All technical assistance or services provided by Exsepi that are excluded from warranty rights will be billed to the Customer. The same goes for all replacement or material repair.


9 – Property

  • The equipment and respective accessories are property of EXSEPI-ESTUDOS E PROJETOS INDUSTRAIS, LDA. until the full payment of the price agreed with the Customer. The Customer remains as their faithful depositary until the final payment is made.


  • The property transfer will take place automatically as soons as the full settlement has been realized.


  • Failure to comply with the established conditions implies the immediate suspension of supply with property reservation of the delivered products and recovery of all equipment.


  • Exsepi reserves the right to capture images and videos of the equipment to be supplied until the good’s delivery date. These images can be captured at the Customer's facilities, safeguarding the remaining space and assets and complying with the Personal Data Protection Law.


10 – Litigation

  • This contract and complementary provisions are governed by Portuguese private law whether it applies to national or international transactions.


  • It is stated that the competent jurisdiction of the district of Anadia, Portugal whenever it is not possible to resolve any litigation raised by mutual agreement.