System that prints a label generated from the production management system using a tracking mechanism either by bar code or electronically. The robot with vision system will inspect and collect the printed label, place it on the pallet, and verify that the whole process is running smoothly.

6 autonomous mobile robots with integrated mechanical solution capable of transporting pallets loaded with finished product between different points. It includes a traceability system and automatic control of operations in real time.

Four-manipulator gantry for moving gears and gearbox crowns with axle system for collection and delivery.

Box palletizing robot that includes labeling for each box. The line ends with a wrapping system for applying stretch film to each pallet.

Raw material dosing system for the mixer.

Photoelectric solar panels, efficient lighting and cable paths in the industrial hall.

Distribution board, and medium voltage transformer.

Pneumatic carbonate weighing and transport system.