The Energy Management System (EMS) is a solution developed by Exsepi to control and manage energy consumption on a centralized basis. This system is based on various consumption colletion points to understand the electrical and non-electrical consumption.

It allows to manage and control the energy, and to relate it with variables of the productive process like gas, temperature, pressure, humidity, fuel, flow, among others.
Main Features and Functionabilities:

  • Real time consumptions and costs, and historical trends
  • Partial and total consumption Analysis
  • Identification of discrepant consumption or other anomalies
  • Identify energy savings and cost savings
  • Proactive management of equipment operation
  • Custom Dashboards by Usage Profile
  • Extra for advanced analysis of electrical energy
  • Comparative analyzes and consumption performance panels
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Access to data from Web Browser
  • Intuitive and flexible graphical interface

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